Playing Flipping Blocks

If you’re a visual type person, have a look at Mike’s video.

If you’re a text type person, read on.

You’ve got shapes made up of 3d cubes.

Each shape has four cubes, arranged in different ways. The shapes are tetrominos. You’ve seen them before in Tetris, so you know they can be arranged as straight rows, L-shapes, S-shapes, T-shapes, and squares.

Rotate the set of four cubes by putting your finger on one of the cubes and dragging left/right or up/down.

The four cubes belonging to the shape will ALL rotate.

    To win you get the cubes in the same orientation as the target cube at the top right.

It would be pretty boring if you only had one shape.

So because we’re generous you get several shapes in every game. On level one two shapes. On higher levels more.

The shapes overlap.

Now the fun starts.

Rotate the cube at the place where the two shapes overlap, and BOTH shapes rotate.

At higher levels maybe three (or even more) shapes will overlap.

You figure out how to make these uncooperative shapes all match each other AND the orientation cube.

That’s not so easy …

On level 1 the best thing to do is to get the shapes all the same, then use the cube where they overlap to rotate BOTH shapes to get ALL the cubes to be the same as the target cube. At higher levels it’s a little more complicated …

Seven levels are available, with dozens of puzzles to play through. They start easy but the challenge keeps on growing.

Unfinished games are saved automatically so that you can come back to them.

Play through tutorials available from first principles to complex solutions.