Flipping Blocks 1.2.36 released for Android – massive shrink job and a cool new logo

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Now you can play Flipping Blocks, the incredibly twisty puzzle game that drives you bonkers, even if you don’t have much room on your smartphone. More about that below.

If you ever got fed up because you had to wade all the way through the three tutorials again after only wanting a quick peek – if you’ve done the tutorial once, you can now use the menu button to get out of any of the tutorial pages.

And now you can admire Mike’s gorgeous new logo too. :)
Transparent wacky colourful cubic flipping blocks logo

Size reduction

It was clear that the game’s footprint, especially on smartphones with less than generous amounts of memory, was far too big. We spent a lot of time figuring out how to fix this. I won’t bore you with the technical details here, but the major factor was offloading all the button images in the 7 different languages offered for Flipping Blocks to a server in the cloud. Now you only download one set of images when you install the game, i.e. the set of images for your language. And if you’re playing in English it doesn’t download anything, as the default English language images are preinstalled.

This and other measures reduced the download size from a whopping 75MB to the 26MB you now see. After decompressing and unpacking, the initial footprint has gone from a massive 384MB(!) in the previous version to about 50MB in the latest. As you can imagine we’re pretty pleased about this. We hope you are too.

en-play-badge download-appstore-en

Not sure yet?  Take a quick look at the video:

Mike Paget at Thumthink Ltd and Peter Evans at appMotivate released “Flipping Blocks” to the Google Play Store on the 15th of March 2016.


en-play-badge download-appstore-en

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